The LIFE Foundation, in conjunction with Park Elementary School and the Park School PTO, and with funding provided by a Plan4Health grant from the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, is creating a new pilot program called The Walking School Bus.

What is a Walking School Bus? A Walking School Bus is a school bus, powered not by an engine, but by legs. Children don’t sit inside this bus-they walk in a group to school, with an adult driver leading the group. The walkers are the bus. This is how the bus works:

· The bus travels a set route to school, picking up children along the way at designated “bus stops.” Route lengths are all less than one mile.

· The service is free. All school aged children k -8th grade, are welcome to join the bus, even if their parents can’t be drivers.

· The size of the bus depends on the number of accompanying adults, there are maximum of eight children for every adult on each bus (more adults for younger children).

· The bus will run one morning per week on a timed schedule.

· The bus will not operate on adverse weather conditions.

· Safety on the bus is of high importance. The route is thoroughly checked for traffic hazards, adults will wear bright distinctive clothing.

· Bus drivers are required to complete the following: background checks, safety training, child behavioral training and emergency training. Liability insurance will be covered through the school.

Benefits for children from the Walking School Bus are that children

· get to school safely

· get regular physical activity

· gain independence

· arrive at school alert 

· are part of a team 

The Walking School Bus program is implemented by the LIFE Foundation; however the program should be seen as school based - run and operated by the school community for the benefits of parents and children at Park Elementary School. 

The Village of Cross Plains Police Department supports this program and will provide traffic safety and supervisory assistance, as needed. 

The Walking School Bus will follow a pre-determined safe walking route with designated stops. Please accompany your child to the designated bus stop. Do not leave your child unchaperoned. 

Routes will be determined by the safest route available in each designated neighborhood within a mile of the school. Routes are dependent upon adequate qualified and trained volunteer “bus drivers.”

The Bus driver will follow safe walking procedure, they will cross at crosswalks, will not take shortcuts, etc. Children are expected to obey all bus drivers regarding safety and behavior. They will not run ahead or lag behind. They will stop and wait for the entire group to cross a street together with supervision.



Purpose: The LIFE Foundation wants to promote physical activity as a means to leading a healthy lifestyle. We hope to encourage people to continue a regular exercise routine following the program.

The goal of the Step Up program is to have individuals record their steps on a daily basis, and to aim to increase their steps over the duration of the program. The walking program will take place over 8 weeks. The first week will determine each walker’s baseline, or Average Daily Steps, and walkers will be encouraged to increase their steps by 5-20% each week after completing Week 1 baseline. 

While walkers are encouraged to walk and track their steps on their own, group walks will be offered. The walkers will have the opportunity to meet at Crossroads Coffeehouse weekly on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am to enjoy a walk with fellow  Step Up walkers. 



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