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Cross Plains Farmers Market

The Cross Plains Farmers Market is set to open this summer for the months of June, July, August and part of September. We will be open Wednesdays from 3:30 - 6:30 pm. We anticipate a larger number of vendors and a variety of produce options. Located at the corner of Highway 14 (Main Street) and Highway P, the market is an easy stop on your way home from work and an easy walk for Cross Plains residents. Besides the wide array of produce, meats, eggs and flowers, also offer some unique specialty vendors with everything from jam to garlic. we have food vendors . Enjoy a bite to eat and picnic along the Black Earth Creek with a supper purchased from one of  our onsite food vendors. To keep children busy while parents shop, we hold weekly Kid's Activities under the LIFE Foundation's canopy children's activities from face painting to sidewalk chalk art. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we invite craft vendors to display their talents for sale to the public,  The Farmer’s Market is a great way to  eat nutritionally and support our local farmers. Market, craft and food vendors interested in being part of the LIFE Foundations Cross Plains Farmers Market should contact Bud Busch at



LIFE Foundation Empowers 

Cross Plains

LIFE (Lifestyles Initiative for Fitness Empowerment) Foundation, with the aid of a grant from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin Partnership Program, and in collaboration with UW Health, Cross Plains is piloting a new comprehensive program to create a healthier lifestyle. Titled “Empower” the program fosters a social support philosophy to achieve healthy weight management to ultimately lower disease risk. The program is led by Dr. Dan Jarzemsky, Family Practice Medicine, UW Health, and includes a health team of professionals in the field of nursing, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy, dietetics, and fitness. Our staffs’ goal is to inspire, motivate and educate our Empower team to take control of their health by incorporating physical activity and nutritional knowledge in a supportive environment. Participants are working hard at reaching their goals and supporting each other in achieving success.

The EMPOWER program is comprised of 10 support group sessions where goals, successes and challenges are discussed in a positive way. Nutritional information is provided along with behavioral skill learning. Participants attend group meetings biweekly, set personal goals, keep a food journal and commit to a minimum of 3 hours of physical activity a week. Activities include Cross Plains recreational classes, health club workouts, sports, pedometer walking, and/or exercise at home. Group cognitive meeting sessions include mindful eating, portion control, motivation, relapses and coping skills. Nutritional meeting sessions include reading food labels, menu planning, work lunches and cooking with healthy recipes. The program, now in its second year, runs January through the beginning of May. “This program has sparked more interest than ever expected and I am amazed at the motivation and determination these individuals bring to the table,” stated Program Director Dr. Jane Busch. The LIFE Foundation’s objective is to develop a lifestyle change in a social support network and develop a comprehensive program that can be disseminated to other health organizations across the state.

Two other versions of Empower are also being developed. Empower Challenge targets middle school adolescents and emphasizes self-awareness issues, in addition to nutrition and physical activity. The other version is Empower the Workforce which bring a social support group program into the work place. It is currently open to businesses and their employees that are members of the Cross Plains Chamber of Commerce.



Gardens, Dig it

The snow is melting and spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to start planning your garden for a summer full of sunshine and fresh produce. From a tiny seed to a tasty vegetable, everyone in our community should get the opportunity to experience growing their own food. In a survey completed in 2014, the community of Cross Plains expressed an importance in improving nutrition. Changing the environment to support healthy eating is a first positive step to improving overall health. Through a grant provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Wisconsin Partnership Program, in the spring of 2016, the LIFE Foundation created the LIFE Community Gardens located in Zander Park. We strive to give residents the opportunity to garden with others in a social environment. In addition, the LIFE Foundation provided a senior garden and a child care garden locally to expand the experience to seniors and children.

One of LIFE Foundation’s goals is to provide access and resources to establishing gardens, both in homes and the community; we want everyone to have the opportunity to plant, grow, and harvest. To support that goal, cucumber and lettuce seeds were made available to gardeners locally through the Cross Plains Village office, Cross Plains Library, Crossroad Coffeehouse, Cross Plains Pharmacy and UW Health, Cross Plains, free, by signing up for the LIFE e-newsletter.

A shed to store garden equipment and a water pump was installed. Plots were tilled and stakes were marked. Twenty eight Community Co-op members planted 30 10 x 12’ plots and tended their gardens from May to October. They harvested an assortment of vegetables and flowers and attended the fall clean up day. As part of the two-year grant from the UWSMPH Wisconsin Partnership program, a few remaining plots will be available at no charge.

Our grant also enabled the LIFE Foundation to build raised garden beds for Northwest Dane Senior Services and plant them with the assistance of the senior daycare residents. Rows were marked with hand painted rocks identifying each produce. This was also a LIFE project with the seniors.

A pilot child care garden project was also designed and implemented by the life Foundation. Called, "Read it, Grow It, Eat It, this program included working with the library’s reading program with Gardens and Nutrition as their themes, creating a garden tended to by the child care children and having our coalition dietitian give a presentation on healthy snacks made from the garden.

LIFE envisions a community reaping the nutritional, physical and social benefits of home and community gardens. All gardens have benefits, but our community gardens will make a major impact on our community as a whole. We invite our community to become rich in health and togetherness, ultimately improving nutrition and overall health.