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Gymnasium and Walking Track

Exercise Studio

Teen Center

Senior Center

Physical activity and good nutrition are key to being healthy, but opportunities and appropriate programs are severely lacking. Yoga and a basic aerobic mix class is all that is offered for adults and due to lack of space they are held in the American Legion Hall and at the Fire Station, both subject to being bumped for other “more important” events. There is no teen space for teens to be active.

Outdoor walking offers challenges as well. There are no sidewalks (except for Main Street) and there is heavy rush hour commuter traffic on two major highways. Winters are long, dark and cold. The roads are often snow-covered or icy, temperatures often below freezing.  Programs for nutrition and fitness, even if developed, have no place to meet Seniors and working adults stay home and watch TV as they will not commute to Madison to a fitness club on cold and dark nights.  Teens state they just walk the streets with their friends as there is “nothing to do.” All of these factors are counter-productive to improving nutrition and increasing physical activity, counter-productive to reducing obesity.

People may have the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to be physically active, but if they do not have access to the necessary opportunities, they may be restricted or prohibited from being active. Having access to places and opportunities for physical activity and knowing these opportunities exist is critical.

The LIFE Foundation has a diverse group of members dedicated to improving nutrition and increasing physical activity in a local safe environment. According to a 2014 LIFE Foundation Survey, the community supports our belief in a need for a local safe environment. When asked “Do you agree that we need a Community Fitness Wellness Center,” 87.8% responded yes. Likewise 88.4% supported the concept of a building.  They believe the building costs should be the responsibility of both the LIFE Foundation and Village of Cross Plains (78.0% yes) and the building and programs should be administered by both LIFE and the Village (71.2% yes).

Our vision is an intergenerational, multi-purpose Community Fitness Wellness Center, the foundational structure upon which to improve health. A community center is the nucleus upon which to create programs, classes and support systems in order to be active, eat right, manage weight and foster a healthy lifestyle.

To provide an intergenerational multi-purpose community fitness wellness center which builds a sense of community unified in seeking health. This facility will be a:

  • Multi-use space for diversified but focused areas, including space for wellness and recreational opportunities.
  • Space for all age groups, children, teens, adults, and seniors.
  • Space designed to have shared spaces for intergeneration harmony and a unified sense of purpose.
  • Space to provide programs at a single location which are sustainable and practical, and as well as non-programed space for gathering with family or friends.
  • Space for a safe and healthy environment, available within our village.