Step Up


LIFE Foundation Takes the First Step!

What motivates some people to get off the sofa and run, walk, or bike regularly?

If paying for a fitness center membership, buying the latest gear or saying, "I am going to make myself do it," was enough to motivate us to exercise, we would be a much healthier nation. Rutgers neuroscientist Joan Morrell, whose research focuses on studying the brain and motivation, believes individuals select actions that are rewarding to them. Simply knowing exercise is good for us is not enough reward. Regular exercisers have built habit over time, based on rewards in the activity itself, the aftereffects, or both.

Social support interventions in community settings focus on building, strengthening, and maintaining social networks that provide supportive motivational relationships for physical activity and behavior change. These social support networks can be formed in a social setting outside the family, such as a community walking club. Social support allows participants to share companionship, helps members achieve their goals and remain motivated to stay in the program.

LIFE Foundation envisions a community of people banding together to support and motivate each other to sustain long term health goals. Through a grant provided by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program, the LIFE Foundation piloted a Step Up Walking Club in the spring of 2016. It continues to meet Tuesdays at 9:30 am at Crossroads Coffeehouse located on Main Street of Cross Plains. They welcome walkers to join them ant Tuesday morning.